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Lilly the dog.

Lilly the dog.
Originally uploaded by imsunshine.
a lady I work with got a puppy and she named her Lily (that's my cats name) isn't she SO CUTE!?
All 2005 Entries are Friends Only.

Super long post about everything.

Daily extended
You effortlessly see both sides of a question today. Consequently, you have no trouble making decisions as circumstances demand and no problem explaining the reasons behind your conclusions. The best part is that you don't feel the least bit of hesitation or ambivalence; the right choice seems so obvious. Others respect your integrity and fairness, so they accept your conclusions without protest.

Finally my horoscope was wrong. Today, first thing in the morning, a realtor got mad at me for a decision, I did in fact come to a good conclusion very quickly and I could back it up AND (for a change) my boss backed me up! However, the realtor didn't respect my decision at all and he is pissed.

I totally over reacted about a comment adam made to be on Christmas, caused an argument and embarrased myself. I mean, it was a mean comment to make but I could have handeled it in a more adult way. So I apologized and so did he and that was the end of it.

Ugh, I have to go to traffic court in the morning. I hate it there! Darn it was a Bradley cop so I can't get out of it as easy. I need to get some pull in Bradley some how! lol.

OH! yesterday we took the Buick (car I got from step-dad for x-mas) to Joliet and while Adam and his brother were in some hobby shop looking for stuff for their RC cars I went to Old Navy with Kelly (Joe's gf). They had shirts on sale from $2-$5! I got 10 t-shirts and a pair of jeans for $50, it was great. I really needed some non-work clothes.

Ya, about the Buick, my stepdad gave me his old car, it's a '95 Buick LeSabre. It's brown and it smells like cigaretts but a little cleaning and it could be a really nice car. He said he intended on giving me cash but he couldn't sell the car fast enough, that's OK now that I have that car I can sell my elantra, which will bring more money anyway. God we have so many vehicles my backyard is beginning to look like a used car lot!

Lindsy got me the hair straightener I wanted, it's ceramic. Adam got me a thing that you put in the bottom of the bathtub and it blows bubbles, very relaxing plus some things from victorias secret. My mother in law got me the usual-Isotoner gloves that I love, some hair and skin stuff, socks and for some reason 2 bags of Splenda Sugar (she said it was pricey but it's better to bake with because of my hypoglycemia).
I got Adam his DVD burner and he LOVED it! He totally thought I wouldn't get it, then I also got him some candy, a shirt, some stuff for his RC car and a new lighter.

All in all it was a good christmas. Mom and dad gave me the usual...nothing, not even a phone call. I got a card from my mom but it turns out she didn't mail it.

michellie bellie

All told I have 8 brothers and sisters. I always talk about Lindsy and Cody becuase I am very close to them, we grew up in the same house. It's not that I don't like the others, I just never get to see them, I am the oldest so they are all in high school wrapped up in being teenagers. Well Michelle is great, she's 14, same at Cody but different mom than me. I posted a photo of her in my last post. Well I send Michelle books for Christmas and Birthdays and for the last couple years I send her books by Joyce Carol Oates (in a couple years I will start with the BGG's!). Anyway, I think it's great that she loves to read becuase everyone treats her like she's nobody (a topic for another time) and she called me last night to thank me, I never realized how much we have in common. I wish I could pick her up and hang out with her, but my dad won't let her hang out with me. Oh well. Just wanted to mention that even though I talk about 2 siblings, there are 6 more that are just as important.

Stupid work rantCollapse )

I made an ode to my mother, http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=imsunshine God the holidays are starting to depress me. Everyone is talking about going home and seeing their parents, parents here at work are talking about how they can't wait to see their kids. My parents won't even call to wish me a merry Christmas. I guess I can get over my dad, we never really had a close relationship and it's been about 5 years since I talked to him now and I don't know, it's just more acceptable for fathers to be out of the picture. But I admit that it really hurts me that my mother is they way she is, yes it's sorta me that isn't talking to her but it's because she's a fucking idiot.

So tired today. Can't wake myself up. My boss is out of nice mode and back into bitch mode. God I am so happy to come to work and constantly be attacked and acused of things. Happy freaking holidays.
also could someone please tell me how to end a ljcut!?
I forgot to mention my lewd voicemail from tepid_love thank you for making me laugh my ass off on sunday morning and making my husband wonder about me!